Vienna Township Zoning Office
848 Youngstown Kingsville RD NE
Vienna Ohio 44473

The Zoning office is open Tuesday 10 am-2 pm or by appointment. 

Zoning Inspector Mark Posey markposey@viennatownship.com

Cell Phone (330) 442-8380
Office/Fax (330) 394-2319

Mailing address
P.O. Box 593
Vienna Ohio 44473

 Permits, Zoning Certificates, or Registration are issued for the following.

– Construction of buildings

–¬† Additions or alterations to buildings

– Temporary or permanent signs

– Golf courses or driving ranges

– Telecommunication antenna or towers

– Animal Farms (for tourism purposes)

– Sexually oriented businesses

– Moved buildings

– Swimming pools

– Wind turbine projects

– Donation bins

Please click the link below for the Vienna Township Zoning regulations in PDF format.

2020 Zoning Resolution